Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Basement

I finally started to set up the basement. Im trying to make it a little more *kick it* friendly. The Wii is hooked up, Trauma Center is the JAM, definitely cannot forget shrimp chips, Yoohoo, and Hookah

The treadmill i have is absolute junk, so i picked up some bicycle rollers. Hopefully i can pick up a road bike soon.

The best part... I finally relocated my VCR from my room to the basement. Its so dope watching old VHS tapes on a legit TV. I decided to take a few pics of some cars.
Every one is on that kouki style tip, so heres 2 of the best. Wakamatsu and Itai

Sexy Knights x Rega Master
My personal Favorite. Miura Sexy Knights 180sx
SURPRISE!!! UCCHI Black 180sx WTF!!!

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