Friday, March 13, 2009

Risky Devil Fundraiser?

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So, hey guys.
Here is the deal.

All Star Bash is happening this July once again, and the hottest drift team in North America, RISKY DEVIL, is planning on coming out. They are already planning 4-6 cars to be out here.

As you might imagine, it's going to be a LOT of money to do this, so, let's try and help out, huh?

This is the "Get RISKY DEVIL to California fund".

If you can donate money, that would be awesome. Any little bit helps!
I sure as hell want to see them out here and I bet other people do too.

So, let's go!!!!

I don't know if i could ever except a donation, but the thought of anyone even opening this thread, let alone think of ever donating to the crew is unreal. Thank you guys for the luv and support.



sal campo - powerzamcam said...

just come to the club loose east coast bash in jersey. it's closer and cheaper and we'll give you guys free stay at our place =)

- sal

Tony.A said...

haha...I really hope you guys can work this out. Though you will have to pray that California doesn't drift into the ocean because of all the awesomeness! :D

Cody Mays said...

Good luck on getting there! I hope you all make it.

Just a thought, sell shirts or decals?

EQH said...

hope you guys can make it. rd in cali, streethero/crazu in michigan and eqh in tn all in the same weekend? wtf?! it's a chicago takeover right here.

BTW: my word verification spells "nardi" DOPE.