Monday, February 16, 2009

The Milks Gone Bad


Van Strapp said...

What's wrong with it? Korea's going to start making good cars eventually guys, and while the Tiburon Coupe may not be the epitome of quality, surely you're not arrogant enough to say it's shit.

AJ said...

1. It's a genesis, not a tiburon
2. It's a good car in stock form
3. Rhys Millen butchered it
4. That car encompasses everything that's wrong with drifting in the US
5. We're arrogant enough to say whatever we want

Van Strapp said...

Haha, that's weird, even as I was typing "Tiburon", something felt weird. Gotta lay off the booze.

I'm glad you agree it's a good car in stock form. I assume then that you dislike the look of ALL drift cars? Because I can't see what's more outlandish about Millen's GC than any of the other cars on the circuit.

tErbob00st said...

...and Van Strapp is why Formula D is still so popular's ugly

s0apgun said...

haha we can we get a couple more of these pics

i'm getting mine thursday

we'll all forward them to rhys's e-mail haha

Simba said...

It's not so much that its ugly, it just serves a different purpose. It's a time attack car, a pretty good one at that (minus the vinyl scheme). I just don't like seeing insane builds in drifting, but that is the way of FD.