Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blue Balls

50+degree weather and sun. I started up my car today and rolled it out on the street. I wanted to drive it so bad.
Lets see what i have to do
paint new side skirts
paint new front fenders
paint new rear bumper
paint new hood
might as well pull off the doors and rear over fenders and paint them too
cosworth head gasket
front and rear main seals
4.3 final drive
215/40/15 up front
lower the car on all four corners
new alignment

Ugly Duckling


Risky Devil
Drift/Street Rodder Club

A beautiful day...

DaS said...

feels good doesn't it? haven't driven my car since late does it feel good to drive it again

C's Garage said...


Wayne T. Edwards said...

have fun with that rear seal doggie, especially if you're doing it with the engine still in...

That thing is a fucking BITCH to get out.

Revgasm_Josh said...

yea, i'll be going to 215/40/17. I use federal 595's. these things are humongous!!!

motor...... thank goodness for goood ol' garage shiny

D*star said...

Hey Josh, I think someone put G-corporation side skirts on your car when you werent looking!

I think.