Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So, let me explain this real real quick. Drifting top down is absolutely the iLLest shit you can do. When i sold my car in January my original plan was to build a vert, but i had too much boner love for the 180sx.

On the other hand my homie Dennis from Minnesota had a similar idea, I think he put it together pretty phresh. And once again, Midwest dont hard park, he beats the shit out of this ride

Make sure to Peep his blog and website


Kev!n said...

i wish nackers wouldve built that up instead of his hatch. but the vert went to good hands

FusionR300zx said...

how the hell do you use this shiit?
that car is sick and i do wish nackers kept it.
idk why he didn't.