Monday, November 3, 2008

back at the apt.

My cousin got this quick clip of me at Shawano

My homies from GT Motoring got a clip from HIN night shift.

HIN Nightshift 2008 Chicago - Drifting

HIN Nightshift 2008 Chicago - Drifting
This weekend was legit, worked on the car, flipped my federals on the back and got some street action. I got busy with T2 Films, chob and aj, three car action is fun. I hit up an o.g. chicago spot, had the butterflies tho, i wasnt able to get in the groove, it was probably cuz i was the only car out that day. Kanjo'd on the highway with 2 motorcycles. Got caught in massive traffic, I FELT COOL AS FUCK IN MY S13 hahaha!!!Hooked up with the family and grubbed on some sushi and late night ice cream

:i need a camera:

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