Wednesday, September 24, 2008

put down

according some people "in the drift scene"

i have no style........................................

i figured at the age of 25 i would encounter less haterade... i was wrong, hahahahaha.

I found it amazing that i would get so many kind words from random ass individuals, people that have no idea about cars to old ass 75 year old caucasian american muscle head men, it's wierd how i get the bashing from the people that enjoy and participate in the specific car life that i'm in.

Well, sux that they hate on my shit but I hella dig theirs.


Its Jamie Time said...
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Its Jamie Time said...

people hate on what they cant have

the3L said...

I was talking about HIN Nightshift with some guy at school and he said he saw a guy driving crazy good in a brown 240...

I was like "Yeah... Thats josh ...Hes alright"


Beware drivers said...
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Brian said...

Lol dude.... please don't tell me this has anything to do with "shift lock" I was browsing it and saw them saying your car sucks.

give me a break.

your car has saved my interest in USA drift scene... keep it up.

Rob said...

haterade is good for you

you drink it and you sweat green and stuff

hahaha, but yea if they said something about hin or the street video...its a figure 8 and a street they expect haha

just keep driving yo!

Simba said...

I hate your style, because it doesn't include tandeming with me. Let's solve this problem, get some pvc piping and tape and see you in 3 weeks at corner 1 of the roller coaster of love. We'll make beautiful babies.

max's daily blurb said...

that's some bullshit

i see hard parkers with cars that don't even look as good as your car

and you still drift it

just keep doing your thing

D*star said...

Thats the neverending story man.
People love saltshaking on people that their jealous of. Fuck all those wack kids. At the end of the day, you know what happens when your driving down the streets, at events, at a meet, or at a show.


And they fucking WANT it like the crackheads want their crack.

D*star said...


For the record, I personally think your rocking the fucking house as far as S chassis style goes this year.
Your killing it(minus the fanboy window banner.