Monday, September 15, 2008


Ok, so as most of you know. My license plate is REVGASM, meaning REV as in how many revolutions a motor is capable of "REVING" and GASM, as in orgasm. Put the to together and this is how many of us car enthusiasts feel. Well alteast thats how i feel, plus it makes the ladies smile.

I get a text message 20 minutes ago from a buddy, it pretty much says he knows this kid that got an s2000, he registered for a vanity plate, he submitted "REVGAZM"

Now what the fuck is going on here? is this mo'fucka going to bite my plate, my nick name?

Apparently this kid claims that this plate belongs on an S2000 and not a 240sx, damn it, the plate belongs to the originator. ME!!! I happily beat the living shit out of my cars on a daily basis, rev them to fuckin hell. This plate belonged to my Integra Type R, S2000, and now my beloved 180sx.

Fuck you and go hard park your stock ass S2000, eat shit, and make sure not to replace your oil squirters so your motor blows the fuck up

Josh aka REVGASM


Dave 'Bruce' Lee said...

They bite all day long.
But they ain't eating.


the3L said...

biters be lackin' dat creativity shettt...

hate hate!

Mr. Chob said...

fuck that.....mofuckas can't think for themselves. i'll go make a fake plate that says "poser" and we can go and put it on his car.

Kev!n said...

didn't you say you needed a new plate?