Monday, August 18, 2008


well. i've been part of the drifting scene for quite a while now. I'll never forget when the first "clubfr" meet was at my homie Timmuh's automotive glass shop. That was like 2002?

And now finally in 2008 I got to participate in my first official drift event. DDAY23 USAIR in Shawano, WI. I'm almost positive I've waited the longest to get to this point. I'm a bit disappointed that I had no ebrake period, I was not able to push myself on the Advanced course like i wanted, but other than that I'm really satisfied with how the car felt, RHD IS CRAZY WIERD, I think I handled it well.

This could not have happened without the help of my homies "GARAGE SHINY"


Rob said...

congrats man

dope seeing the car on the track

and I know what you mean about RHD lol

Kev!n said...

car looks at home in those pics. wish i couldve seen you and AJ there in person. i heard it was cool

Rob said...

oh and you know what man!?

Tim's dad closed the glass shop down, and they no longer own it

birthplace of CFR is no more..

end of an era!